Catherine Wheel, Wishville CD Cover, 2000
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Catherine Wheel, Wishville CD Cover, 2000

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
"I’d had this idea for an installation piece which consisted of a triptych: three identical shapes, one mirror, one picture and one window. How would you know which was which? inviting the viewer to speculate (if they’d be so kind). Which is precisely what we did. We built the installation in a grand old Victorian room in Richmond, south west London, with a big French window through which our ‘window’ could look.

"The ‘mirror’ reflected Rob Dickinson, the lead singer, whilst the ‘picture’ was of an adjacent corridor receding from view but only metaphorically, whereas the path seen through the ‘window’ receded from view physically outside into the park and the view in the ‘mirror’ receded in the opposite direction inside back across the room."-Storm Thorgerson 

Collector's Notes:
In 2010 Storm selected several of his favorite album cover designs to release as large mural-sized limited edition prints. Several of these pieces were installed in a long-term exhibition at YouTube's corporate offices in San Bruno, CA.

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Catherine Wheel, Wishville CD Cover, 2000
Catherine Wheel, Wishville CD Cover, 2000

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