Nick Mason, Inside Out, 2004 (Circle)
© Pink Floyd/Nick Mason

Nick Mason, Inside Out, 2004 (Circle)

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
This image of the two stacked mirror balls is one of several that have been created by Storm Thorgerson and used by Pink Floyd. In this case, this version appeared among the "box of delights" that accompanied the hand-signed, fine-art book that Nick Mason and Storm put together to tell Nick's personal history of Pink Floyd. The book "Inside Out - A Personal History of Pink Floyd" was limited to 500 signed copies and included many magnificent collectibles in the package - much like the many Pink Floyd album stickers, posters and cards that were included with them.

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Nick Mason, Inside Out, 2004 (Circle)
Nick Mason, Inside Out, 2004 (Circle)

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