O.A.R., Stories of a Stranger Album Cover, 2005 (20/20)
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O.A.R., Stories of a Stranger Album Cover, 2005 (20/20)

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
At the time this album was being created, O.A.R.'s main focus was on the balance of the Rock and Roll lifestyle, and the family life. So, Storm tried to incorporate the same feeling in the album cover.

"So we see a man running from his house in a hurry, presumably on his way to work-hence the suit and briefcase. But his briefcase is the same shape as the house he's just left because he is taking 'home' to work. But the house he's just left is also in fact a huge briefcase belonging to a giant who is reaching down to pick it up on his way to work. And so it goes on, a dilemma that is difficult to resolve.  

We're not people to mess around, so we built a giant house/briefcase, took in sections to the location and erected it, photographed it in in the late afternoon light, as you can see, then came home (and they call that work). Wait a minute-it is work."  -Storm Thorgerson 

Release Notes:
Storm created a series called "20/20" comprised of 20 of his favorite images in limited editions of only 20 pieces (plus 2 Artist Proofs) each. Most certainly a play on the phrase "20/20" referring to perfect vision, the set was designed to showcase some of the pieces he valued most, including many of his more obscure album cover images.

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O.A.R., Stories of a Stranger Album Cover, 2005 (20/20)
O.A.R., Stories of a Stranger Album Cover, 2005 (20/20)

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