Phish, Slip, Stitch, and Pass Album Cover, 1997 (20/20)
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Phish, Slip, Stitch, and Pass Album Cover, 1997 (20/20)

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
"I was impressed back then by their live show because Phish were clearly intent on playing music (not going through the motions), keen to improvise and adapt (within context), and to extend songs and pieces in unexpected ways. I was even more impressed to learn later that they did not have a set list. Good grief, no set list!...The design selected featured a man running down a beach holding a piece of yarn (could be wool, string, or rope) which he was pulling from a giant ball behind. This humungous ball of wool (or yarn or string) was intended, in a loose kind of way, to represent the music that the musician, the figure on the beach, was unravelling. The wool was the theme or melody line, which the musician would tease out, running with it until the extensions and variations were exhausted, the music was over, and the giant ball fully unwound."

Release Notes:
Storm created a series called "20/20" comprised of 20 of his favorite images in limited editions of only 20 pieces (plus 2 Artist Proofs) each. Most certainly a play on the phrase "20/20" referring to perfect vision, the set was designed to showcase some of the pieces he valued most, including many of his more obscure album cover images.

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Phish, Slip, Stitch, and Pass Album Cover, 1997 (20/20)
Phish, Slip, Stitch, and Pass Album Cover, 1997 (20/20)

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