Pink Floyd, Rugby Team
© Pink Floyd Music, Art by Hipgnosis

Pink Floyd, Rugby Team

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
The collective members of Pink Floyd pose in this rugby team photograph. Roger Waters and album cover artist Storm Thorgerson grew up together - their parents were friends - and the two were very keen on cricket and rugby.

Lambda Release Notes:
In 2008, Storm and SFAE celebrated Pink Floyd's 40th anniversary with an exhibition of signed photographs of images that he had created for the band over the years both as a founding member of the design collective Hipgnosis, and as an independent designer with StormStudios. These photographs were produced as signed, open editions and were only briefly available for sale as they were intended only for the anniversary celebration. Very few of any of these images were produced. 

Image Courtesy of Pink Floyd. Photography by Hipgnosis. 

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Pink Floyd, Rugby Team
Pink Floyd, Rugby Team

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