Pink Floyd, Pulse Box Set Cover, 1995
© Pink Floyd Music, Art by StormStudios

Pink Floyd, Pulse Box Set Cover, 1995

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
This photograph was used on the cover of Pulse, the 1995 Pink Floyd box set. 

“The ‘eye’ design on the front of the Pulse CD box comprised about 36 separate photographs, molded and vignetted together. Not only does the design reflect, in the viewer’s actual eye, elements of the live Pink Floyd concert circle of lights, it is stylistically a mixture of old semi-psychedelic ideas and modern technology – to echo the variety of material in the concert. The circularity of the eye, pupil and iris, the circularity of the film screen at a Pink Floyd show, the circularity of the approaching moon, even the circularity of time embodied in the wide range of songs on Pulse – all these were carried through the entire package. ” - Storm Thorgerson.  

Lambda Release Notes:
In 2008, Storm and SFAE celebrated Pink Floyd's 40th anniversary with an exhibition of signed photographs of images that he had created for the band over the years both as a founding member of the design collective Hipgnosis, and as an independent designer with StormStudios. These photographs were produced as signed, open editions and were only briefly available for sale as they were intended only for the anniversary celebration. Very few of any of these images were produced. 

Image courtesy of Pink Floyd. Design by StormStudios. 

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Pink Floyd, Pulse Box Set Cover, 1995
Pink Floyd, Pulse Box Set Cover, 1995

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