Powderfinger, Eye, 2009 (Circle)
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Powderfinger, Eye, 2009 (Circle)

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
A circle print based on the front cover of Golden Rule , the seventh and final studio album by Powderfinger.

Image courtesy of Powder Finger. Design by StormStudios.  

“The design for Golden Rule  comes not from a single song, not just from the overall mood, but more from a general way in which the band works. In effect, how they create songs, how they approach the task of making music. Our design attempts visually to represent how Powderfinger’s creative process works. We call it ‘controlled random,’ not sure what they call it.... Tossing ideas around back and forth in the studio, not knowing what will emerge - a sperm and an egg - archetypal ‘controlled random,’ Aussie style.” - Storm Thorgerson 

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Powderfinger, Eye, 2009 (Circle)
Powderfinger, Eye, 2009 (Circle)

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