The Offspring, Splinter (Quarter Moon), 2003 (20/20)
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The Offspring, Splinter (Quarter Moon), 2003 (20/20)

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
"I was unreasonably wary that Offspring would be possibly as aggressive as their music, but, to the contrary, they were very charming. And for their album, Splinter, released in 2003, they commissioned four pictures from us. One of these is known as ‘Glass Family’ and another as ‘Moonstab’, both in the 20/20 collection.

"This highly graphic design is an amalgam of something observed in nature, a natural event, and an interpretation of the title. I imagined that the splinter of the title might be the splinter that broke a heart, the heart of a lover betrayed, which I am sure was probably the subject of one or two of the songs." --Storm Thorgerson 

Release Notes:
Storm created a series called "20/20" comprised of 20 of his favorite images in limited editions of only 20 pieces (plus 2 Artist Proofs) each. Most certainly a play on the phrase "20/20" referring to perfect vision, the set was designed to showcase some of the pieces he valued most, including many of his more obscure album cover images.

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The Offspring, Splinter (Quarter Moon), 2003 (20/20)
The Offspring, Splinter (Quarter Moon), 2003 (20/20)

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