Sean Flynn, Tu Do Flat, Saigon, 1968
© Tim Page

Sean Flynn, Tu Do Flat, Saigon, 1968

By Tim Page
About the image
Sean Flynn, an American actor and freelance photojournalist best known for his coverage of the Vietnam War, smoking a Montagnard pipe in photographer Tim Page's flat. The term Montagnard refers to the "mountain" or "indigenous" people in French and is a carryover from the French colonial period in Vietnam.

Flynn was the only child of actors Errol Flynn and Lili Damita. 

"Saigon 1968 - after our return to Vietnam:
Our apartment half a block down Tu Do from The Caravelle, purportedly had been the location for the original film version of Graham Greene's 'The Quiet American ' starring Audie Murphy & Michael Redgrave. It looked out onto a small intersection where a bank of cyclos waited opposite the legendary Brodard Cafe for clientele. A French sideboard from the Belle Époque served as our observation platform on the traffique of the infamous Rue.

Sean Flynn had the back half of the next door apartment & Nik Wheeler had his own private space at the front with window...Flynn spent most of his time perched at the viewing platform in my room gazing, stoned at Saigon passing by" - Tim Page

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Sean Flynn, Tu Do Flat, Saigon, 1968
Sean Flynn, Tu Do Flat, Saigon, 1968

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