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The Gerald Scarfe Collection
  Masterworks Created for Pink Floyd The Wall
Album Sleeve, Live Concert Performances, and Film
Gerald Scarfe spent several years working closely with Roger Waters and Pink Floyd on the various components of The Wall. From the creation of the album sleeve (1979), to the live concert tour (1980-81), through the making of the film (1982), the Art of Gerald Scarfe is inextricably woven through the entire multimedia production and is an integral part of the project’s resounding cultural impact.

During the process, Scarfe amassed a treasure-trove of artworks and artifacts from the process of working on such a long-term and multifaceted project that his studio was quite literally teeming with iconic and important Pink Floyd imagery (shown above, click to see the full version). Over the years, many of these artworks have been recognized for their significance and have been included in museum exhibitions including most recently Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains produced for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 2017, which broke all previous attendance records for the world-renowned museum and is currently touring the world.

In late 2016, Scarfe selected SFAE, the premier purveyor of Rock & Roll and pop culture original artworks in the world, to represent for sale a staggering array of works from his archive for the first time ever. In 2017 we launched a blockbuster exhibition for collectors and sold a number of his pieces, including the iconic painting titled The Scream, which was created for the film and used as the key image in the global advertising campaign, for $1.85 million! This sale remains the world’s highest price ever to be paid for an individual original Rock & Roll related artwork!

SFAE has continued to exhibit and sell these incomparable artworks over the last two years, and now we have been asked to find a collector or investment group who will acquire his entire archive.

“This is my personal collection. It is a time capsule; a treasure trove which tells the history of the making of Pink Floyd The Wall from start to finish - from album to film.” -- Gerald Scarfe

In all there are some 3,000 individual artworks and artifacts that are being made available for sale. The Gerald Scarfe Collection is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual to own historic and important music and film collectibles in an exclusively private capacity. It is also tailor-made for an institutional or commercial presentation and/or touring exhibition.

A comprehensive digital catalog will be made available on request and we have compiled a preview below.

The collection includes original sketches for iconic characters, early album sleeve designs, sketches for stage props and memorabilia from the live concerts, and a massive amount of conceptual designs, storyboards, animation cels, film props, annotated scripts and more.

Or call us at the gallery at (415) 441-8840

Please feel free to share this information with friends and associates that you believe will have the interest and means to acquire the art. Please do not, however, post this information online, in the media, or through fan organizations.

Click on the images below to see representative images from the category.
Animation Cels From the Collection

Animation Cels

These cels were used in the process of making the animated shorts that appeared during live concerts and/or in the film itself. Representative images are shown, in some cases there are multiples from a sequence available.

Gerald Scarfe First Character Study

Character Sketches & Early Designs

The early sketches and layouts provide a stunning first hand view of the evolution of both individual characters (the Teacher, the Mother, Pink, etc.) as well as the album sleeve and later the film narrative itself.

Gerald Scarfe Concert Projections

Live Concert Projection Artworks

One of the most iconic features of Pink Floyd's performances was the huge circular screen that added a multimedia aspect to their concerts and allowed them to illustrate some of the concepts in the music. This was never more prevalent than during The Wall tour, when three projectors worked simultaneously against the massive cardboard wall that was erected throughout the show.

Gerald Scarfe Film Concept Designs & Storyboards

Film Scene Concept Designs & Storyboards

Scarfe played a vital role in transforming Water's music and lyrics into visual representations not only in terms of his own animation, but even more so in the live-action narrative. He meticulously illustrated countless scenes, often setting both the look and feel that we see in the final results.

Gerald Scarfe Collection Memorabilia


Included in the collection are several vintage posters and other publicity materials, annotated scripts, backstage passes, gold records, annotated scripts, and original copies of the legendary "Black Book" that was used to sell the film to the studios in order to get it made.

Gerald Scarfe Film Props

Objects: Film & Stage Props, Sculptures

Many of the characters were turned into sculptures as they were developed into huge inflatables that lurked over the audience during concerts. Several film props survived as well, including the iconic masks worn by the children in the "Education" sequence, the Crossed Hammers banners, flags and signs, and the stuffed Pink doll.

Epic in scale and steeped in Rock history, these original works of art are marquis collectibles for major individual, corporate, and institutional collectors. Due to the extensive distribution of the imagery via album, live-performances, music-videos, and the film (along with the accompanying publicity), the artwork being offered is among the most instantly recognizable and significant in pop culture.

The Wall album topped Billboard charts for 15 weeks, and in 1999 was certified 23x Platinum. It remains one of the best-selling albums of all time, selling over 19 million copies between 1979 and 1990 in the US alone. The film was critically acclaimed when it was released in 1982 and won BAFTAs for Best Original Song and Best Sound. Scarfe developed the film's entire visual environment before the project began and his characters became a mixture of live-action and animated imagery, all of which played an integral role in the surreal narrative.

Gerald Scarfe is one of the world's most famous political cartoonists and caricaturists whose work has been seen in major publications like The Sunday Times and The New Yorker for decades.  His artworks reside in the following permanent collections, among others: Tate Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and The Parliamentary Art Collection in London, as well as the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.
Gerald Scarfe The Wall Commemorative Print

Also Available: Our Exclusive Limited Edition!

Gerald Scarfe created The Wall Commemorative Edition on the special occasion of our exhibition and sale of his incomparable artworks at our gallery in 2017.

This limited edition of 100 archival pigment prints measures an impressive 30" x 40" and is signed and numbered by the artist. It features two of the most iconic visual elements from The Wall: Pink and the Marching Hammers.

Click the image to see and purchase on our site.

Known worldwide for record-breaking sales of album cover related artwork, SFAE has previously successfully represented for sale such revered artworks as the originals for Abbey Road, Meet The Beatles, Rubber Soul, Imagine, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Ummagumma, Animals, Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, The Best of The Doors, Candy-O, and many many more.
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