Bessie Love, 1919 (Puppet)

Bessie Love, 1919 (Puppet)

By Alberto Vargas
About the image
Bessie Love was an American actress who became a star on the Ziegfeld stage. She went on to fame in early films. Petite and pretty, she played innocent young girls, flappers, and wholesome leading ladies. In this exquisite watercolor  from 1919, Bessie wears her hair in the style she made famous. She holds a puppet that seems to make the statement that men are like clowns in the company of beautiful women. 

As a brilliantly painted watercolor from 1919, this work is an extraordinarily preserved piece, almost as fresh and rich as the day it was painted. A rare find and a fascinating window back through time to another era when young women, like Bessie, broke with the status quo. Alberto clearly captured this essence in the young performer who, decades later, contacted the artist from her home in London to exchange memories. 

Ref# Ptg-031

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13" x 18" artwork size
Signed Original artwork
Watercolor Painting - Sold

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Bessie Love, 1919 (Puppet)
Bessie Love, 1919 (Puppet)

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