Marilyn, 1979
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Marilyn, 1979

By Alberto Vargas
About the image

Based on the original artwork Vargas created of Marilyn Monroe c.1953.

Release Notes:
During the last years of his life, a renewed interest in Alberto Vargas's work was ignited by the release of his autobiography and he was approached to produce several limited edition prints for collectors. 

This fine art print was published in 1979 and printed in New York. It is a 5-color Rotogravure (Intaglio) print on BFK Rives 100% rag paper. 

A total of 1,000 numbered prints were created for the main edition; 500 for domestic distribution and 500 for international release, designated as "I" and "II". An additional 70 pieces were marked as a "Reserve" edition, along with 20 Artist's Proofs, and 10 Printer's Proofs.

None of these were signed by Vargas, rather they were signed in pencil by an authorized representative as a proxy; in a similar style to his iconic signature.

However, a separate quantity of 50 additional Artist's Proofs were hand-signed and numbered by Alberto Vargas in ink.

Collector's Notes:

We generally have a small inventory of proxy-signed pieces available. We may also have a hand-signed version available. 

Please use the "REQUEST PRICE" button to inquire regarding current availability and price, and specify which version you prefer.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following the delivery of their artwork.

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Marilyn, 1979
Marilyn, 1979

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