Elvis Presley, "The Kiss", 1956
© Alfred Wertheimer / MUUS Collection

Elvis Presley, "The Kiss", 1956

By Alfred Wertheimer
About the image
After his first attempt to kiss his girlfriend of the day, Barbara Gray, Elvis was mildly rebuked by her sticking out her tongue - as if to say no - you can't kiss me. Elvis' reaction was to stick out his own tongue and touch hers in jest, backstage, a half hour before appearing in front of 3,000 admirers. Mosque Theater, Richmond, Virginia, June 30, 1956.

Release Notes:
Alfred Wertheimer printed and sold his original museum-quality photographs for many years until his death in 2014. He left a small archive of photographs in a variety of sizes (8" x 10" sheet size to 20" x 24" sheet size) which are now available here for purchase. Supplies are extremely limited.

Collector's Notes:
All available works were printed during the artist’s lifetime, there are no posthumous prints. Both signed and unsigned examples may be available. Each piece is uniquely marked with annotations, stamps, and signatures.

Prices on Wertheimer archive photographs start at $3,000 (unsigned) and vary depending on the image in question, size, condition, and signature status.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their artwork.

Please contact us with any questions, or for information on any other pieces that may be available.

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Elvis Presley, "The Kiss", 1956
Elvis Presley, "The Kiss", 1956

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