John Lennon with Nothing Box Contact Sheet, 1965
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John Lennon with Nothing Box Contact Sheet, 1965

By Brian Duffy
About the image
A series of images of John Lennon smiling, having just had his teeth done in the United States in 1965. While in the US (presumably) John purchased several "Nothing Boxes" from inventor and associate Magic Alex, one of which is featured here. These boxes did just as they promised, nothing. Other than blink of course, until their battery ran out. The Beatles released, Help!, the soundtrack from their film of the same name, that same year, featuring the iconic singles "Ticket to Ride" and "Yesterday."

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This image is available as an ESTATE AUTHORIZED limited edition.

The Duffy Archive selected this image to be released as an Estate Edition after Duffy's death in 2010.

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John Lennon with Nothing Box Contact Sheet, 1965
John Lennon with Nothing Box Contact Sheet, 1965