Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up, London, 1975
© Dennis Morris

Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up, London, 1975

By Dennis Morris
About the image

"This was the gig of gigs – one of the best he ever played," says Morris of this image, which comes from a London show in 1975. The backstory, he explains, has to do with an earlier British tour, which ended badly.

"One morning, [Marley and the Wailers] woke up and wanted to play football, and it was snowing," Morris says. "I remember they opened the window and Bob said, 'What that?!'  I said, 'It’s snow, Bob.' Peter Tosh said it was a sign from Jah that they should leave Babylon. They had this huge argument amongst themselves, and basically Peter and Bunny [Wailer] refused to continue the tour, so they all went back to Jamaica."

When Marley returned to the U.K. in 1975, Morris says, he was determined not to repeat that mistake. "Bob came back with a vengeance," he says. "This was the gig that was going to do it. There was no going back, just forward. He walked on that stage and he just took it apart."

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Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up, London, 1975
Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up, London, 1975