Jimi Hendrix Press Conference, NYC, 1968 [Smiling]
© Elliott Landy

Jimi Hendrix Press Conference, NYC, 1968 [Smiling]

By Elliott Landy
About the image
Jimi Hendrix smiles during a press conference in New York City on top of the Pan Am Building, in January, 1968.  Hendrix had just arrived in the US after a European tour and was on his way to perform at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco.  He and the Experience performed at the Fillmore East in May of that year. 

Jimi Hendrix was a kind, considerate man—a spiritual force whose music expanded our consciousness and set us free. Jimi often carried his own movie camera. I photographed him [here] at a press conference in 1968 at the Pan Am building in NYC where he decided to record the media recording him. Unfortunately. all those films have been lost.” -- Elliott Landy

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Jimi Hendrix Press Conference, NYC, 1968 [Smiling]
Jimi Hendrix Press Conference, NYC, 1968 [Smiling]