The Who, Who's Next Outtake "Hug", 1971
© Ethan Russell

The Who, Who's Next Outtake "Hug", 1971

By Ethan Russell
About the image
Most Rock & Roll fans are familiar with the iconic Who's Next album cover, The Who's sixth studio album release and a major hit record. Few realize however, that that image is actually a montage, created by hand at the time, of two different photographs taken by Ethan Russell while working out the cover with the band. This is an outtake from the session with the mysterious monolith (note the plain grey sky so famous in England) - it is pretty obvious why they would choose to bring a bit more drama into the image!

Collector's Notes:
Ethan Russell's photographs are printed to order in San Francisco, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Each photograph is museum-quality, archival and is signed and numbered by Ethan. Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of your photograph.

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The Who, Who's Next Outtake "Hug", 1971
The Who, Who's Next Outtake "Hug", 1971