The Teacher Walls Up The Innocent Children, 1979
© Gerald Scarfe

The Teacher Walls Up The Innocent Children, 1979

By Gerald Scarfe
About the image

The Teacher is one of the most important characters in narrative of The Wall.

"I realised from the start my designs had to be memorable – not realistic, but inventive, to make them timeless. Roger and I agreed that all the characters should have a backstory. So I imagined that the Teacher was hen-pecked at home and unleashed his bitterness on the innocent children, whom he put through the mincer."

Artwork Notes:
This original vintage artwork was projected onto the famous, iconic Pink Floyd circular screen while the band played "Another Brick in the Wall".

This character also became one of the 30ft high inflatables which slowly inflated and then stalked the stage during live concerts.

Exhibition Notes:
The Art of Gerald Scarfe From Pink Floyd The Wall, July 2017, San Francisco Art Exchange LLC.

Collector's Notes:
PLEASE NOTE: This original vintage artwork is not available to purchase individually. It is a part of the complete collection which is being offered for sale - please see THE GERALD SCARFE COLLECTION PAGE for further details.

Pen, ink, Watercolour & Gouache Montage,
Cut-Out and Mounted on Abstract Original Background
39” x 43 1⁄2” Paper size

While this piece is not available for sale, a similar hand-painted original commissioned work could be produced. Please use the "REQUEST PRICE" button below to contact us for more details.

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The Teacher Walls Up The Innocent Children, 1979
The Teacher Walls Up The Innocent Children, 1979

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