The Wife With Flaming Hair, 1979
© Gerald Scarfe

The Wife With Flaming Hair, 1979

By Gerald Scarfe
About the image
This is the original design for The Wife, one of the six iconic characters from The Wall [the Wife, Mother, Pink, Teacher, Judge and Hammers], a character who quickly mutates from a love object into a figure of hate and disgust.

"I saw the Wife as a predatory, praying mantis-like figure, with harmful claws and flaming hair. I gave her menace and vitality. After I drew the Wife for the album, this was the first large-scale painting I did."

Artwork Notes:
This original vintage artwork was used during the marketing of the album and film, most prominently on the promotional poster for the album, and on the concert program for the Earl's Court shows in 1980 and 1981. This image was also included in the "Black Book" used to pitch the film to MGM executives

Exhibition Notes:
The Art of Gerald Scarfe From Pink Floyd The Wall, July 2017, San Francisco Art Exchange LLC.

Collector's Notes:
PLEASE NOTE: Gerald Scarfe retains all copyright and reproduction rights for this image.

Pen, ink & Watercolour on Paper, With an Appliqué Flame
39 1⁄2” x 59” Paper size - SOLD

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The Wife With Flaming Hair, 1979
The Wife With Flaming Hair, 1979

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