Miles Davis, Birdland, NYC, 1949 [MLD01]
© Herman Leonard

Miles Davis, Birdland, NYC, 1949 [MLD01]

By Herman Leonard
About the image
Living and working in New York during the 1940s-1950s gave Herman Leonard countless opportunities to capture the most influential and important Jazz musicians in history. A master of light and tone, he has long been considered the preminent Jazz photographer for both the exquisite quality of his work and the shear breadth of his subjects.

The Herman Leonard Estate:

Herman Leonard was based in New Orleans and suffered a great loss of printed work - reportedly 8000 pieces - in 2005, due to Hurricane Katrina. Luckily, all his negatives were safely stored in a bank vault well above ground so he was able to begin rebuilding his collection. He passed away just a few years later, in 2010.

His family now manages this archive of photographs as The Herman Leonard Estate. It is comprised of all the prints he left behind, many of which are signed, and some that are not. The estate has decided they will not produce any additional or posthumous prints. Instead, they are offering the unsigned pieces as "Estate Prints" although it is important to note that they were all printed during the artist's lifetime.

Collector's Notes:

The majority of Herman Leonard's museum-quality silver gelatin photographs were printed between 2005-2010. His hand-signed and numbered photographs are ready to ship within a few days of purchase. Estate Prints will be hand-signed and editioned by Herman Leonard's daughter on behalf of the Herman Leonard Estate.

All buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their artwork.

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Miles Davis, Birdland, NYC, 1949 [MLD01]
Miles Davis, Birdland, NYC, 1949 [MLD01]

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