Pink Floyd - Time V, 2022
© Ian Emes

Pink Floyd - Time V, 2022

By Ian Emes
About the image

In 1972 Ian Emes created a mesmerizing experimental animated sequence called "French Windows" set to the song "One of These Days," the opening track for Pink Floyd's 1971 album Meddle. The piece soon aired on BBC's "The Old Grey Whistle Test" television show, which quickly caught the attention of the band.

After a private screening with Pink Floyd, "French Windows" led to a special commission to create custom animations for several songs from their latest album, Dark Side of the Moon, that would be projected onto the now iconic massive circular screen above the band on stage. These visuals went on to become one of the most distinct and memorable features of Pink Floyd's live concerts.

About his animated short films Ian says, "I like to create a musical time-space event, not designed to convey a message but more a state of mind." Clearly this was the ideal combination for Pink Floyd, a band with deep roots in psychedelia that always incorporated a huge amount of imagery into their musical identity.

A selection of Ian's original animation cels were a featured part of the record-breaking museum exhibition Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains which began at London's V&A and has gone on to travel the world.

Release Notes:
This artwork is an archivally printed reproduction of one of Ian's vintage hand-painted animation cels used in the making of the sequence for "Time" from Dark Side of the Moon. A high-resolution scan has been made of the original multi-layered artwork and it has been cropped to faithfully reproduce the look of the original illustrated shot as it appeared on screen.

Collector's Notes:
Ian Emes' limited edition prints are produced to order in London. Each museum-quality archival pigment print will be estate-stamped and hand-numbered by Ian Emes' estate representative. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery upon purchase.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery. Please contact us with questions!

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Pink Floyd - Time V, 2022
Pink Floyd - Time V, 2022