Keith Richards and Jack Daniels, Backstage, 1972
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Keith Richards and Jack Daniels, Backstage, 1972

By Jim Marshall
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Keith Richards holding a Jack Daniels bottle backstage during The Rolling Stones American Tour of 1972. Photographer Jim Marshall had intimate access to the band throughout the summer, partying with them and serving as a trusted friend. This allowed him to move seamlessly in the background without disturbing the band's dynamic. 

Jim Marshall Rolling Stones 1972 Series:
For the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary in 2012, Jim Marshall Photography LLC published a book of Jim’s photographs from their 1972 tour and released a selection of previously unavailable Rolling Stones photographs for collectors. Each of these photographs is available as a limited edition in one size only.

This estate limited edition release also corresponded to the 40th anniversary of the legendary Rolling Stones 1972 American Tour which Jim Marshall photographed on special assignment for Life Magazine. Marshall joined the Stones that year both before they embarked, while they were in the recording studio putting the finishing touches on their landmark double album Exile on Main Street, and then again during the West Coast leg as they kicked off this blockbuster US Tour.

Release Notes:
All Jim Marshall Photography LLC “Estate Limited Edition Photographs” that are released are carefully selected from his massive archive of over 1 million negatives. There is intentionally no crossover with any previously available photographs that Jim produced during his lifetime. Each estate photograph is released in one size only (with very few exceptions) so they are extraordinarily rare.

Collector’s Notes:
These beautiful fine art photographs are printed to order in San Francisco, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Each photograph is hand-numbered and bears the official estate seal on the reverse.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery. Please contact us with questions! 

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Keith Richards and Jack Daniels, Backstage, 1972
Keith Richards and Jack Daniels, Backstage, 1972