The Stooges, Album Cover Outtake, 1969
© Joel Brodsky

The Stooges, Album Cover Outtake, 1969

By Joel Brodsky
About the image
The Stooges posed in a stacked position for the album cover photo session with photographer Joel Brodsky. The story goes that Iggy wasn't quite enjoying the session, thinking that Brodsky was posing the group just like The Doors appeared on their debut album cover (you be the judge!), so he took a stage dive over his bandmates and split his chin on the concrete floor. He went off to the hospital, got several stitches, and returned to finish the shoot! 

The final shot used for the album cover had his black eye and stiches carefully airbrushed out.

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Joel Brodsky passed away in 2007, leaving a very small number of signed photographs available for sale. These pieces are all sold out, but occasionally we may have the opportunity to offer one for resale from a private client. Please contact us for availability and pricing information.

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Joel Brodsky Estate Authorized limited edition photographs are produced to order in New York. Each piece will be hand titled and numbered and marked with the estate stamp. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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The Stooges, Album Cover Outtake, 1969
The Stooges, Album Cover Outtake, 1969