George Harrison, Tenerife, c. 1999
© Klaus Voormann

George Harrison, Tenerife, c. 1999

By Klaus Voormann
About the image
A sketch of George Harrison inspired by a 12-day holiday three of The Beatles took in April, 1963 after a very busy year of touring and the recording and release of their first studio album, Please Please Me

Paul, George & Ringo all went to Santa Cruz, Tenerife - with their friends from Hamburg, Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voormann - while John and Brian Epstein flew to Spain.

In 1999, Klaus Voorman and Astrid Kirchherr collaborated on a book project with Genesis Publications, which focused on each of their respective media, in relation to their histories with The Beatles.  For the book, Klaus sketched countless "memory drawings" of his experiences with the lads, many of which ended up in the book, or became more refined paintings and illustrations.

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George Harrison, Tenerife, c. 1999
George Harrison, Tenerife, c. 1999