Eye-Lidded Man, 2008
© Ringo Starr

Eye-Lidded Man, 2008

By Ringo Starr
About the image
Ringo Starr was always known for his dry sense of humor, and this has obviously carried over into his visual work. 

Collector's Notes:
Ringo Starr's limited edition fine art prints are printed in the USA in one size/one edition only. Each archival pigment print is hand-numbered and signed by Ringo. Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their artwork.

All the proceeds from the sales of these photographs go to the Lotus Foundation, a charitiable organization founded by Ringo with his wife Barbara Bach to support a wide variety of causes and promote social welfare around the world.

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Eye-Lidded Man, 2008
Eye-Lidded Man, 2008