George Harrison & John Lennon, Nails, London, 1966
© Robert Whitaker

George Harrison & John Lennon, Nails, London, 1966

By Robert Whitaker
About the image
This portrait of George Harrison banging nails into John Lennon's head with a hammer was taken on March 25, 1966. It was part of the famous "Butcher Sleeve Session," a series of surreal photographs that played on the band's celebrity. Photographer Robert Whitaker explained that the picture was intended to demonstrate that the Beatles were not something to be worshiped, but people as real and substantial as "a piece of wood." 

Release Notes:
Robert Whitaker's family has released a selection of "Estate-Authorized" limited edition fine art photographs. Each photograph will be embossed with the estate stamp and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Please use the CHOOSE A SIZE button below to see the different options with prices.

Collector's Notes:
Whitaker left a very small archive of signed photoraphs that he had printed and prepared for show and sale prior to his death. This image may be available as a signed piece. Please contact us to inquire about availability and price!

Estate photographs are printed to order in the UK, so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Buyers will receive the next available edition number unless a specific number is confirmed in advance.

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George Harrison & John Lennon, Nails, London, 1966
George Harrison & John Lennon, Nails, London, 1966