Asia, Gravitas Album Cover / Silver Birch, 2014/2020
© Roger Dean

Asia, Gravitas Album Cover / Silver Birch, 2014/2020

By Roger Dean
About the image
This image was used on the cover of ASIAs thirteenth studio album release, Gravitas. It was the last album recorded/released with singer John Wetton before his death in 2017.

"I had been sketching and photographing silver birch for a while, usually while out in Ashdown Forest walking the dog. In particular, when they grow in clumps they often have mossy "gardens" in the centers of these groups. When discussing this cover with John, his preferred title was Valkyrie, and with the dragon-like creature in the background, mine too!"

Release Notes:
The painting was completed in 2014, this print was published in 2020.

Collector's Notes:
This print is part of Roger's Hand-Embellished Print Collection - A unique collection of fine-art limited edition prints enhanced with hand-painted work by the artist. These prints are offered in two sizes, and each one will feature a modest hand finished detail added by Roger himself, based on what he feels compliments the image.

Each piece is unique and only 50 will be produced.

PLEASE NOTE: Commissions are available at an extra cost if a collector would like to request a specific embellishment. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact us for more details!

Roger Dean's fine-art limited edition prints were produced in the UK under his direct supervision. Each piece is hand-signed, titled, and numbered by Roger. On-site inventory varies, so artworks may ship from San Francisco or the UK, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery. Please contact us with any questions!

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Asia, Gravitas Album Cover / Silver Birch, 2014/2020
Asia, Gravitas Album Cover / Silver Birch, 2014/2020

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