Virgin 40th Anniversary Logo - B&W, 2013
© Roger Dean

Virgin 40th Anniversary Logo - B&W, 2013

By Roger Dean
About the image
Roger Dean was enlisted to design the first logo for Virgin Records in 1973.  Often referred to as the "Gemini" or "twins" logo, this design featured a nude young woman in mirror-image seated on a small hill above a serpent/dragon and "Virgin" written in Deans iconic script.  The layout was appropriately organized into a half-circle to fit properly in the center label area of a vinyl record.

The overall "babe in the woods" impression is approporiate due to the origin of the business name "Virgin", which came about due to the fact that all the founders were brand new to the business.  

"The image fitted with Virgin's experimental lifestyle. They even experimented in business.  I was paid in records..." - Roger Dean 

The oiginal logo went through several changes over the years until 1977, when Richard Branson switched entirely over to the written logo that remains today. 

This design is a slightly altered version of the original logo in that the twins have differing head positions and hand-gestures.

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Virgin 40th Anniversary Logo - B&W, 2013
Virgin 40th Anniversary Logo - B&W, 2013