Yes, Close to the Edge II, 2018
© Roger Dean

Yes, Close to the Edge II, 2018

By Roger Dean
About the image
"This is the second in a sequence of paintings based on the them of the overflowing lake. As a student, I went climbing all over Scotland and North Wales but I made one trip to the Lake District and climbed a small mountain, strangely called "Haystacks" and there right on the summit was a tiny lake called tarn. It amazed me that it was clearly a permanent feature, but equally clear was the fact that there was no source to replenish it apart from rain.

It was however the source and inspiration for the painting. The original painting was made for the Yes album of the same name.

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Collector's Notes:
This print is part of Roger's Hand-Embellished Print Collection - A unique collection of fine-art limited edition prints enhanced with hand-painted work by the artist. These prints are offered in two sizes, and each one will feature a modest hand finished detail added by Roger himself, based on what he feels compliments the image.

Each piece is unique and only 50 will be produced.

Commissions are available at an extra cost if a collector would like to request a specific embellishment. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact us for more details!

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Yes, Close to the Edge II, 2018
Yes, Close to the Edge II, 2018