Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Washington DC, 1965
© Rowland Scherman

Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Washington DC, 1965

By Rowland Scherman
About the image

This stunning image was used for the front cover of the compilation album released in 1967 containing 10 of Dylan's hit songs through 1966. It was the followup to the ground-breaking double album "Blonde on Blonde," and came shortly after his motorcycle accident which would put him on hiatus for roughly 2 years. This image went on to win a GRAMMY award that year for Best Album Cover, Photography.

Rowland Scherman was a LIFE Magazine photographer based in DC and had met and photographed Dylan several years before, at the Newport Folk Festival. He made a point of going to this show in November 1965 at the Washington Coliseum, to see the infamous "electric sets" that were causing frustration among his folk/acoustic fans that year.

Although he was not on assignment, he used his press credentials to get backstage and when he captured this fantastic shot he knew he had something special. Within a few days he shared the images with Columbia Records art director John Berg who paid him $300 for this one on the spot.

Collector's Notes:
In 2002, Scherman produced about 30 gorgeous Fuji Vibrachrome R-prints from his original transparency - with plans for a limited run of 100 pieces. These rare and unusual photographs are ultra-glossy with an extraordinary sharpness, clarity, and depth, and a slightly metallic finish that makes the image appear to glow from within. He never finished this edition however, deciding instead to switch to (much less complicated and delicate) archival pigment prints.

Please contact us for price and availability on these rare prints.

Release Notes:
Scherman’s photographs are available in several sizes listed below. Each photograph comes from the original negative and is printed as an archival pigment print on 100% cotton rag art paper.

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Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Washington DC, 1965
Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Washington DC, 1965

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