*The Fab Four Quad, Liverpool, 1963
© Shahrokh Hatami

*The Fab Four Quad, Liverpool, 1963

By Shahrokh Hatami
About the image
This fabulous montage is made up of four individual portraits of each of The Beatles taken in Liverpool in late 1963. Hatami was sent to Liverpool by Paris Match magazine to cover the Beatlemania phenomenon, where he managed to gain access backstage at the legendary Cavern Club and shot these amazing images of the "Fab Four."

This artwork captures the four incredible talents that merged to form the most important and successful musical group of all time on a single spectacular fine art print.

The portrait of Paul McCartney that's included in this montage has twice been used on the cover of LIFE magazine; Once celebrating the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion and once for Paul's 75th birthday.

Release Notes:
This montage has been produced in two sizes, the smaller size in an edition of twenty-five pieces, and a larger size where only proofs were made. The entire edition in the small size, and all proofs in the larger size were printed, signed, and numbered by Shahrokh Hatami prior to his death in 2017.

This archival pigment print features a soft matte finish and is printed on soft white paper.

Collector's Notes:
The large size proofs are SOLD OUT
Limited quanitites remain in ths smaller size, please contact us today with any questions!  

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*The Fab Four Quad, Liverpool, 1963
*The Fab Four Quad, Liverpool, 1963