The Beatles (Wind in Hair), Thompson House, London, 1968
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The Beatles (Wind in Hair), Thompson House, London, 1968

By Stephen Goldblatt
About the image

The Beatles pose for some publicity stills at the Thompson House Photo Studio on Gray's Inn Road in London during the summer of 1968.  At the time the Fab Four were in the middle of recording The Beatles - typically referred to as 'The White Album' due to it's plain white cover.

This shoot became known as the "Mad Day Out" since the Beatles appeared very lighthearted and playful, and were willing to spend an entire weekend goofing and posing all over London. The session produced some of the most delightful images of them ever captured, all the more poignant considering the busy and tumultuous time.

Soon after this photo-shoot, Stephen Goldblatt sold all his photographic equipment to focus on cinematography at film school full time. His negatives sat in storage for over 40 years while he pursued what became an illustrious and successful career in film.

Release Notes:
After rediscovering his negatives in storage and realizing the legend that had grown around the 'Mad Day Out,' Stephen Goldblatt published this image, along with many others from that weekend, in his book Mad Day Out (2010).

In 2014 he released hand-signed, limited edition fine-art photographs of a selection of his photographs in three sizes.

A few years later, Apple Corps LTD. offered to buy Stephen's Beatles catalogue outright, so the limited editions were never fully produced. Only a handful of these extraordinary photographs now exist, all of which are in private collections.

Collectors Notes:
Occasionally a private collector will offer their photograph for resale. This is the only way to purchase one of these beautiful, limited edition photographs signed by Stephen Goldblatt.

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The Beatles (Wind in Hair), Thompson House, London, 1968
The Beatles (Wind in Hair), Thompson House, London, 1968

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