Led Zeppelin, Presence Album Cover, 1976
© Mythgem LTD/Art by Hipgnosis

Led Zeppelin, Presence Album Cover, 1976

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
The front cover of presence, the seventh studio album by Led Zeppelin. This image earned Hipgnosis a Grammy Award nomination in the category of best album package.

Image courtesy of Led Zeppelin. Photography by Hipgnosis. 

“Led Zeppelin! What was bigger than Led Zeppelin? The most powerful and notorious band in the galaxy. Musically, personally, managerially and mythically.... We needed something so powerful, so huge that it made you weak just to think of it. And what did we come up with... a little bitty black object sitting on an ordinary table surrounded by a rather ordinary family. An ordinary family? What’s the power in that? But no ordinary setting this, and certainly no ordinary object. Perhaps it was a cosmic battery, or a spiritual relic or alien artifact, exposure to which seemed essential - it filled your life, it sustained you, it bathed you in mysterious emanations." - Storm Thorgerson 

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Led Zeppelin, Presence Album Cover, 1976
Led Zeppelin, Presence Album Cover, 1976

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