Liquid Dark Side Of The Moon - D, Fractals
© Pink Floyd Music, Art by StormStudios

Liquid Dark Side Of The Moon - D, Fractals

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
“We were constructing a variation on the DSOM prism design for a calendar and made this time out of fruit! We built a tray with dividers in order that the compartments could contain a variety of fruits. This worked quite well and I realized that the compartments we had created for the fruit could also contain liquids such as paints and could flow into each other, ripple. " 

The paints were poured into the compartments in their appropriate colors and the effect was totally brilliant because the liquids slowly leaked into each other, bringing to mind the marbling effect used in the endpapers of old books. Bizarre patterns, magical swirls and spumes of color like clouds in a constellation began to appear in the most glorious psychedelic fashion”.

Collector's Notes:
This limited edition was produced in a very small quanitity of only 40 pieces worldwide. It is completely SOLD OUT. 

We may gain access to one from a private collector in the future, so please let us know if you would like us to contact you if we do! 

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Liquid Dark Side Of The Moon - D, Fractals
Liquid Dark Side Of The Moon - D, Fractals

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