Taken by Storm
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Taken by Storm

By Storm Thorgerson
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The story of Storm Thorgerson’s career begins in 1968 as a founder member of the British graphic art group Hipgnosis. Over four decades later, Genesis has taken 500 copies of the first edition of his book "taken By Storm" and ‘Genesised’ them.

The result is the ultimate retrospective, a uniquely designed ‘set of drawers’ packed full of rare and exclusive objects all created by Storm. Underneath your commemorative copy of Taken By Storm (leather-bound, hand-numbered and signed by the author) a pullout drawer contains four limited edition fine art prints.

Release Notes:
The book measures 12.5” x 10.25” and its binding is full leather, with a unique photograph inset on the front and rear. It is 208 pages and contains 210 incredible album cover art images.

The book comes in a hand-crafted case, bound in grey Italian cloth, with screen printed decorations and an inset photograph. Two drawers hold the contents and fine art prints, with a compartment for the leather-bound, signed book.

500 copies signed by Storm Thorgerson


Collector’s Notes:
  • The Limited Edition Book - First out of your bespoke boxed set is an author-signed, leather-bound book of Storm's career. No two books are the same: Storm created an original artwork for the limited edition, with a personalised teacup for each of the 500 books. The first edition book has been completely rebound in luxuriant leather and features unique, new, endpapers.
  • With Taken By Storm you will own an original piece of Storm artwork, specially commissioned and inset onto the top of each set of drawers. Silkscreened in over 20 inks to allow for stunning detail and colour reproduction, these complex, hand-crafted prints are original works of art in their own right.
  • 4 Limited Edition fine art prints - individually signed by Storm Thorgerson
    • Division Bell, The. An alternate version - and originally the first choice - of the classic Pink Floyd album cover.
    • Peter Gabriel 1. The classic low-key and hand-coloured portrait from the cover of Peter Gabriel's 1977 album.
    • Graphica Obscura. Poster design for a 2002 exhibition of Storm's own work.
    • Pulse. The cover art of Pink Floyd's 2006 DVD release.
  • Storm ViewMaster with seven original pieces of artwork rendered in 3D for the first time - Storm's art is inherently three dimensional as a result of what he called his 'doing it for real' philosophy. Genesis wanted to present some of these iconic artworks in 3D for the first time, so chose seven pieces and had them painstakingly transferred into 'stereoscope'. Now, when seen through the accompanying custom-made ViewMaster, they appear as they never have before.
  • The Monograph - 'Great design is about more than mind-blowing images. 'Presented here for the first time are some of Storm's logotypes for such great artists as Ian Dury, Alan Parsons and Pink Floyd. It also features examples of the oft-overlooked art of CD labels and booklets. This 16-page booklet is printed in two colours on heavyweight matt art paper. Size: 225mm x 148mm. Logotypes by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon.
  • The Notebook of Unseen Ideas - 'No great art is born fully realised, but is the result of the timely processes of careful thought and creative exploration.' For Storm, the first step of the journey often involved preparatory sketches. This Notebook contains 'rough' drawings of ideas submitted to various rock 'n' roll bands and artists throughout the years - such as Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash and Jane's Addiction - reproduced here for the very first time. Printed on heavyweight, uncoated paper with blank pages for notes or, when inspiration strikes, your own sketches.
  • A Set of 12 Postcards - A selection of 12 postcards housed in a specially printed box, featuring a mixture of original and alternative designs, including this stunning reworking of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon - called 'Purple Monet' - originally intended to promote Roger Waters' solo tour of 2006. Eventually, the 'Green Monet' version presented in Taken By Storm made the cut. Why? Well, Monet sounds like 'Money'; and banknotes are green.
  • Storm's 'Reversible' Greetings Card - One Greetings card, two faces. Use once, turn upside down and use again. The inside is inscribed simply 'Happy' so can be used for almost any occasion. Write in pencil for maximum recyclability.
  • Specially-designed Playing Cards - Carefully created playing cards that show off the best of Storm's work. Even the traditional 'royalty' cards have been given the Storm treatment and the finished pack is exclusive to this limited edition. Finely reproduced on 300gsm card, you could think of this as a pack of miniature art prints. Rest assured these playing cards are not only beautiful, but totally functional as well. Made with solar block card, they have special metallic cores to prevent 'show through', so the possibility of cheating is practically nil.
  • 12 Illustrated Coasters - Traditional pulp wood absorbent coasters - ok, beer mats - featuring previously unpublished, full colour sketches on one side, and a coaster-by-coaster typographic rendering of the book title on the reverse.
  • Limited Edition T-Shirt - Screen-printed in three colours, with Storm's logo on the back, only 500 will ever be made. Available in one size - fits all.

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Taken by Storm
Taken by Storm

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