Yumi Matsutoya, Setsugekka Single Cover, 2003 (20/20)
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Yumi Matsutoya, Setsugekka Single Cover, 2003 (20/20)

By Storm Thorgerson
About the image
"It seems Setsugekka means ‘moon, flowers, snow’ and the lyrics were about the memory of a holiday in an alpine resort, a holiday revisited, in which the singer recalls a forgotten love - like a memory of a memory, or an echo, kid of sad and nostalgic, though ambiguous and inscrutable. The sadness seemed to be as much about the weight of memories as the loss of a love, recalling the good times but with regret. 

I therefore envisaged a girl sinking under the weight of her memories and being dragged down through water by time i.e., by clocks, which I thought at first to be a clumsy metaphor but on completing the image felt that they worked fine - elegiac rather than prosaic. The major difficulty was in keeping the clocks disentangled and encouraging the model not to give up through exhaustion, kept trying to tell her to adopt an elegant shape, very difficult underwater, but she was great and survived to tell the tale..." 

Release Notes:
Storm created a series called "20/20" comprised of 20 of his favorite images in limited editions of only 20 pieces (plus 2 Artist Proofs) each. Most certainly a play on the phrase "20/20" referring to perfect vision, the set was designed to showcase some of the pieces he valued most, including many of his more obscure album cover images.

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Yumi Matsutoya, Setsugekka Single Cover, 2003 (20/20)
Yumi Matsutoya, Setsugekka Single Cover, 2003 (20/20)

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