Keith Richards, Cyborg, Nellcôte, France, 1971
© Dominique Tarlé

Keith Richards, Cyborg, Nellcôte, France, 1971

By Dominique Tarlé
About the image
Keith Richards is legendary for his extraordinary ability to handle certain recreational chemicals, as well as his skill with the guitar. In this portrait he appears so focused it seems he is almost a machine, or cyborg.

"South of France, Rolling Stones, here we go, we're all just going to hang around on the beach... but what amazed me was, everybody was work, work, work. If I could get them to do that now, that would be something." - Keith Richards 

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Keith Richards, Cyborg, Nellcôte, France, 1971
Keith Richards, Cyborg, Nellcôte, France, 1971

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