Dominique Tarlé


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Dominique Tarlé is an acclaimed French photographer known for being associated with some of the greatest musical acts of the century. 

Dominique's interest in rock photography developed early in life. At the age of fifteen, he borrowed his father's camera, walked into the Olympia music hall in Paris after school, and from then on regularly took photographs in front of the stage. It was the Sixties, a time when an enthusiast could do such a thing without the need for a photopass. He captured many of the main groups of the time on film, among them The Beatles, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Animals, The Kinks, and The Rolling Stones.

In 1968, he moved to London to have greater access to the exciting world of rock 'n' roll that he had begun photographing in France the year before. By the summer of 1971, however, Dominique was informed by the immigration department that he had to leave the country. As it happens, the Rolling Stones had recently come to the same conclusion, with the help of their tax advisors, to escape a massive impending tax debt. 

Dom contacted the Stones to let them know he was in the area and he was invited over to Keith's for lunch. That one meal became an overnight stay, which turned into practically an entire Summer of unfettered, exclusive photographic access.

Dominique took thousands of photographs, covering the most decadent house party in rock 'n' roll history. His documentation of this period is a thing of beauty, and his images are highly coveted by Stones fans and art collectors. 

The work was later published in the fine-art limited edition book 'Exile', (now sold out) which is filled with up-close and personal shots of the Stones in various states of consciousness.

Keith Richards wrote in the foreword, “For me, Dominique possessed an almost unique quality (for a photographer!). I realise, looking at these moments he captured, that he was a part of the family, the band, in fact. He was also an EXILE, in his own country. That quality of blending into the furniture and fittings, I was rarely aware that he was working (WHICH IS RARE!). We lived, worked, played together, and all that may imply! HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CAPTURED, Then he disappeared...UNTIL NOW! 
From one exile to another, ONE LOVE DOM”        — Keith 

Except where noted, each photograph is a beautiful silver gelatin print, hand-printed in France. Each piece is signed, titled, and dated by the photographer. Most are available in any of five sizes, each done in a very limited quantity, please contact us for further details.