Stuart, The Life Art of Stuart Sutcliffe, 1996
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Stuart, The Life Art of Stuart Sutcliffe, 1996

By Genesis Publications
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A book of many years dedicated research Stuart, The Life & Art of Stuart Sutcliffe is a unique and personal tribute to an extraordinarily talented young man, from some of those that were closest to him – Astrid Kirchherr, Cynthia Lennon, Jurgen Vollmer & Paul McCartney. As such, Stuart is a deeply personal tribute to this talented artist who was a close friend of John Lennon and an original member of The Beatles. This lovingly designed signed edition begins with an account of Stuart's childhood and traces the development of his artistic talent, from his time at Prescot Grammar School through to his days as a student at The Liverpool College of Art.

Release Notes:
The limited edition box set contains an illustrated biography of Stuart, as well as a facsimile reproduction of one of his sketchbooks, filled with paintings and drawings from Liverpool and Hamburg, which highlight Stuart's artistic development and state of mind at the time. The facsimile sketchbook is bound in paper-covered boards to closely match Stuart's original (4.5" x 7").

Together, the two volumes combine to provide the first comprehensive catalogue of Stuart Sutcliffe's art and an unrivalled view into the formative years of The Beatles.

The set comes in a matte-laminated slipcase featuring two of Astrid Kirchherr's classic images of Stuart and The Beatles.

Collector's Notes:
Stuart is signed by the book's late authors, Pauline Sutcliffe and Kay Williams, and by late photographer Astrid Kirchherr who provides an introduction to the work.

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Stuart, The Life Art of Stuart Sutcliffe, 1996
Stuart, The Life Art of Stuart Sutcliffe, 1996