Woodstock, 2007
© Grace Slick

Woodstock, 2007

By Grace Slick
About the image
“At the time (1969). A concert with half a million people was unheard of. To be honest we were blissfully unprepared and unmercifully hammered by the weather. As the painting shows, the audience had to slog around in the mud. Young people adapt to that kind of a mess better than old farts. 

 Saying goodbye on the last of three days, the clump of musicians on the stage is appreciating the audience and vice versa. Everything except murder is happening in the crowd - as it would in any gathering of that size.

 I have taken the liberty of inserting some individuals who could not have been there, but maybe they were in spirit - Abraham, Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, Adam & Eve, Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit, My Daughter and Barack Obama.

Collector's Note:
This is a signed, limited edition print on canvas, it comes pre-stretched and can be hung with or without a frame.

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Woodstock, 2007
Woodstock, 2007

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