Grace Slick

Grace Slick's artwork has been wildly popular with collectors for over twenty years. A selection of paintings and prints are available for sale. Please contact us with questions about pricing and availability.

Grace Wing was born on October 30, 1939, in Evanston, a suburb of Chicago, IL. Her father was an investment banker, and her mother was a singer. The Family moved to Southern California in the mid 40's, and finally settled in Palo Alto, Ca. where Grace grew up. Grace stayed in the Bay Area until she left to attend Finch College in New England, She later attended the university of Miami and studied art before returning to SF shortly before she joined the Great Society in 1965.

Shortly thereafter she and some of the members of Great Society including Darby Slick, the brother of her future husband, Jerry Slick, formed the Jefferson Airplane and recorded the songs White Rabbit and Somebody to Love. Through the next 25 years Grace participated in several incarnations of the band including The Jefferson Starship, Starship and several solo albums with Paul Kantner.

Grace retired from rock 'n' roll in 1989 and began a new career in the visual arts in the mid 90's. Her first show was in Ft Lauderdale FL in 2000. Since then she has had over 100 exhibits and is represented by some of the best galleries in the US and Europe.

Grace now lives in Malibu, CA. and paints every day. Her art communicates the same type of high energy of that in her music of the late '60s. Raw and energetic would be a good description for some of her works while detailed and warm would describe others. The portraits of her rock contemporaries contain a certain mystique that comes from Grace's personal relationship with these people. Her nudes are somewhat minimal pieces that suggest the Japanese sumi ink style of painting that is so difficult to master. Her animals contain all the love and good feelings that she has for all animals. The Wonderland pieces are a visual version of the song "White Rabbit". The originals for this series are done on scratchboard to give them the intense detail.

"As far as I can determine at this point, creation is taking place constantly and my life is a result of and pursuit of that process. Sometimes the form is music; sometimes it is giving birth to another human being, or maybe just sitting and appreciating a sunset. Simply watching beauty helps it 'exist'. At this time in my evolution, painting is the way 'it' wants to take shape. I create with the help of that massive system of energy that permeates everything and allows it to be distributed for free. As a conduit, I am occasionally quite clear – but as a beginner, the results can be technically raw."

"When I am in the process of painting 'I' – am gone – to a place that relieves me of trivia and encourages the expression of a more vibrant existence. It (painting) is a still form. Unlike film, the movement has to be implied on the canvas and translated to you by way of a mutual and basic recognition."

"When I see a work of art that raises my own level of appreciation, it becomes propulsion that, in turn, moves me into the creative continuum. By receiving my work you complete the celebration" -- Grace Slick