Self Portrait, Plaza Hotel New York City, 1974
© Graham Nash

Self Portrait, Plaza Hotel New York City, 1974

By Graham Nash
About the image
"That was taken in my suite at the Plaza Hotel, in New York City. I think it was August of 1974. We were coming to the end of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion tour. And with all due respect, it was fucking crazy. There was so many drugs, and it was so chaotic. I needed to find an inner peace within myself, so I started to draw in a book, and I filled it with drawings.  I'm drawing in the bathroom here. I saw myself in that little pull-out mirror for shaving and I knew it was a great image." 

Page 3 in Graham's book Eye to Eye.

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Self Portrait, Plaza Hotel New York City, 1974
Self Portrait, Plaza Hotel New York City, 1974