Jean-Robert Dantou

Jean-Robert Dantou was born in Paris in 1980. He has joint qualifications in Photography (from the Louis Lumiere High School in Paris) and Sociology (from ENS and EHESS in Paris). He has been working for several years on the theme of social and political problems linked to collective memory and migration. He is the author of a book on China, Ombres Chinoises, published by Atlantica, Paris in 2004.

In the past few years he has devoted his time to various projects that mix photography and social sciences in the United States, Germany, India, France and Chile. He splits his time between documentary work for the Franco-German television channel, Arte, a creative visual and sound workshop in the Jean Renoir High School in Bondy (a Parisian suburb), as well as continuing his work on the settings of political life throughout the world.

Having worked with the photography agency Vu' in 2007, Jean-Robert Dantou is currently a member of the photography cooperative, Picturetank.