Bob Marley Monotype, 1984
© Ronnie Wood

Bob Marley Monotype, 1984

By Ronnie Wood
About the image

This portrait of Bob Marley captures him smiling with a genuine expression of happiness. Marley was frequently described as a quiet and pleasant man dedicated to world peace.

This is a one-of-a-kind original artwork made by Ronnie Wood's own hands.

Ronnie Wood traveled to San Francisco in 1984 to study woodcut and monotype printmaking with a master printer. He spent several weeks in the city and recalls in his book Ron Wood by Ron Wood: The Works (1987) that he "worked feverishly...and produced thirty monotypes and three woodcuts in three weeks." 

In his own words he describes Monotypes as "a printing process where you apply an oil-base paint onto steel or some other hard, smooth surface, and then press that image onto porous paper. When you peel the paper off, ninety-nine percent of the image is transferred from the steel plate to the paper." He goes on to say that at the time, "learning new media, like monotyping and woodcutting, gave new life and dimension to my work".

Collector's Notes:
This one of a kind original artwork by Ronnie Wood was created in 1984.

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24" x 29.5" Paper Size
One-of-a-kind monotype
Signed original artwork - now available!

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Bob Marley Monotype, 1984
Bob Marley Monotype, 1984

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