Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood was born in Middlesex, England into a musical and artistic family. His father, Arthur, played in a 24-piece harmonica band that appeared at race tracks all around the country, and his two elder brothers, Art and Ted, were part of the British jazz and blues explosion of the late 1950's and early 1960's. Ronnie himself first appeared on-stage at the tender age of nine, playing the washboard with his brothers in a skiffle band at the Marlborough Cinema near London Airport.

Ronnie's love of music went hand in hand with a love of drawing and sketching that took him in his teens to Ealing College of Art in London. (British art schools were then a melting pot for the new rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues scenes.) As his musical career progressed with the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces and then, since 1974, with the Rolling Stones, Ronnie continued his painting and drawing, his subjects ranging from musicians he admired, knew and sometimes played with, to family and close friends, to causes he feels passionate about. (For many years, Ronnie has been an advocate for global conservation and the preservation of wildlife.)

Ronnie Wood's incarnation as an internationally renowned visual artist has long paralleled his marathon career as one of the greatest rock and roll guitarists of all time - and arguably the best slide guitar player living today. In terms of sales and recognition, Ronnie is one of the most collectable artists of the 20th century. Several exhibitions in Europe, Japan, and the United States (at our San Francisco gallery) have confirmed Ronnie's status in the art world.