Bobby Womack, 1985
© Ronnie Wood

Bobby Womack, 1985

By Ronnie Wood
About the image
A portrait of R&B singer-songwriter Bobby Womack, who wrote the song "It's All Over Now," which the Rolling Stones recorded in 1964. At the time that he learned the Stones were interested in recording his song, Womack was displeased, telling Mick Jagger "to get his own song." However, six months later, when he received his first of many royalty checks as a result of the song, he told his manager that Mick Jagger "can have any song he wants."

Ronnie first met Bobby Womack in 1972. About the meeting he said, "Bobby and I hit it off right away. We never lost contact. He said "Whenever you want me, I'll be there." And he was true to his word. He helped me a lot on my solo albums, and then me and Keith called him in to help on the "Dirty Work" album."

Collector's Notes:
This original illustration was featured in SFAE's Ronnie Wood Original Paintings and Drawings gallery exhibition in 2008. 

Pen & Ink on Paper
12" x 19" paper size
Signed, Original artwok - SOLD

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Bobby Womack, 1985
Bobby Womack, 1985

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