Conversation Piece - Canvas, 2006
© Ronnie Wood

Conversation Piece - Canvas, 2006

By Ronnie Wood
About the image
With this print, Ronnie Wood has captured the Rolling Stones doing what they do best - creating their distinctive music. The intensity and power of their focus and concentration is immediately apparent and yet natural - they seem very much "in the zone".

This image has been hugely popular with Ronnie's collectors, possibly in part because this is the first artwork he has done showing the legendary band in-studio, during a recording session. It is a space and experience reserved for those with only the most exclusive access, making this rare glimpse all the more thrilling!

Collector's Notes:
There were two versions published of this image: The first one on paper, which sold out within two weeks - and then this one on canvas, with a different color scheme, a few months later.

There were a total of 218 prints (plus proofs) published on canvas. Of these, 118 "Collector's Edition" prints were numbered in Arabic numerals and 100 Regular Edition prints were numbered in Roman numerals. Each print was hand-signed by Ronnie Wood.

While these are sold out, these works on canvas do occasionally come available via private seller, please contact us for current availability.

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Conversation Piece - Canvas, 2006
Conversation Piece - Canvas, 2006

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