Keith Richards - The Fugitive, 2008
© Sebastian Krüger

Keith Richards - The Fugitive, 2008

By Sebastian Krüger
About the image
This portrait is based on a 1974 photograph of Keith Richards backstage before he joined The Faces for a performance in London.

For years Keith Richards has cultivated a very decadent outlaw persona, something Sebastian Krüger pays homage to in the "Fugitive." 

Notice the dichotomy between the hyper-realistic detail and the grotesque distortion of the glazed eyes and death-warmed pallor. Here we have someone who appears barely alive and yet has experienced life in ways that most of us could only dream about. A true rock star for the ages. 

Sebastian Krüger's subjects are generally artists he admires and his portraits, while caricatures, always contain a great deal of kindness while at the same time thoroughly subverting "the world of beautiful appearances." This contradiction is at the heart of Krüger's work, a characteristic that has made him extremely popular with art connoisseurs all over the world. 

​Each piece is signed and numbered by Sebastian Kruger.

Release Notes:

Paper edition published 2019
  • printed in 4 colors on museum board
  • ships flat
Canvas edition published 2008
  • hand-embellished by the artist 
  • ships flat

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Keith Richards - The Fugitive, 2008
Keith Richards - The Fugitive, 2008

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