Sebastian Krüger

Sebastian Krüger was born in Hamlin, Germany in 1963. He studied painting and graphic arts at the Braunschweig University of Art in the 1980s and made a living early on designing album covers. He soon embarked on a career as an illustrator for magazines like Stern, Spiegel, Rolling Stone, and Playboy to name a few, and developed a name for himself in the art world.

In 2003 he shifted his focus entirely toward painting, leaving behind his commercial work behind for his now legendary large format "Personality Portraits" of icons from show business from the past to present. His work immediately captured the eye of celebrities and art collectors around the world and he began to be featured in gallery exhibitions all over the USA and Europe which continues today.

Among the collectors of Krüger's art are the Rolling Stones, with whom he has been friends for years and who are among his favorite subjects. 

Perhaps Krüger's most remarkable talent is his ability to bring diverse painting techniques and styles to a given subject. His works range from pencil sketches, to near abstract paintings, to the near photo realistic renditions, and he has mastered each difficult variant with extraordinary skill.

Though the foundation of most caricature may rest in the exaggeration of certain of the subjects' features, Krüger often ignores the obvious, and focuses on more subtle aspects, still conveying the essence of his subject in a most profound and amusing fashion. Despite such exaggerations and maniacal morphs, Krüger approaches nearly all of his subjects with a level of respect and sincerity. He digs deep into his subject's personality, and his goal is to reach inside of them and pull out the very essentials of their character. This requires a certain empathy on the part of the artist, as well as the requisite artistic skills.

"Kruger has a genius for capturing the essence of his subjects through caricature." – The London Times

Sebastian Krüger's works are included in several important private collections and have been exhibited in the Caricature Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. Along with his career in magazine illustration, he has been published in several popular art books and he releases an annual art calendar with Morpheus. He has also worked on select motion picture projects and he hosts regular exclusive workshops for illustrators to watch and learn from his techniques. 

He lives and works with his family in a forest near Hanover, Germany.