Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph is a photographer best known (in our world) for his work on the Rolling Stones classic album Beggars Banquet.

He was born in Kimberly - the Capital of South Africa's Northern Cape Province - in 1941. His father was heavily involved in Anti-Apartheid activities, especially fundraising, and all of this gave Michael early exposure to politicians and social reportage from South Africa. Then, while at London College of Prints and Graphic Arts, Michael Joseph was sent to Vietnam to photograph the war. The images that came about as a result of this trip lead to 33 years of varied advertising assignments – with such companies as Benson and Hedges, Christies, Nivea, Pirelli, Malaysian Airlines, Schweppes and White Horse. He also worked in the fashion industry for Hart, Schaffner and Marks in Chicago. Based on Joseph's extensive advertising portfolio, he was chosen by the Stones for the Beggars Banquet shoot.

In 1995 the travel writer David Saunders approached Michael to do a course book on photography. 600 of his images appeared in this publication. This was immediately followed by an illustrated version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which donned the cover of the book by Douglas Adams.

Beyond photography and photographic printing, he enjoys making art, creative gardening, and tennis. His vineyard in Entre-Deux-Mers also keeps him fairly occupied.